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River and Ocean Information 
Tidal Chart for Sooke
“Tide tables and solunar tables for sport fishers in Sooke. Find out the forecast for high tides and low tides before setting out to fish, and other fishing-related data such as the lunar phase, tidal coefficient, sun and moon rising and setting times, hours of maximum fish activity, weather conditions in Sooke … ” (source: Website / Link)
Link: Sooke Basin Tidal Charts
Cowichan River Tidal Charts
Link: Cowichan River Water Level



Fly-Tying Websites

 Basic Flytying by KIDFISH.BC.CA
“To properly learn the techniques and flies presented in this website, work your way through the Basic Skills sections and then do the listed flies in the recommended order. Each fly builds on previously learned skills. They become harder as you move along. Make sure you build several of each fly to solidify your skills at each step.” (source: Website / Link)
Fly Pattern by Fly Craft Angling
“Hello, my name is Phil Rowley. Welcome to my web site. Browsing through these pages you will find tips regarding strategies and tactics, fly tying, entomology, upcoming events and many other points of interest.” (source: Website / Link)
Archive of Fly of the Week by
“If you’ve short, stubby fingers and wear reading glasses, any relaxation you would normally derive from fly fishing is completely eliminated when you try to tie on a fly.” Jack Ohman, Fear of Fly Fishing [1988]
Archive of impressive Salmon Flies, Steelhead Flies and Saltwater Flies by
Illustrated  Fly Tying Pattern by
“Your complete listing to nearly 70 top Great Lakes flies. Our Patterns are all fully illustrated with step-by-step instructions and photos. You’ll love tying and fishing these flies!” (source: Website / Link)
Chironomid Patterns
“After many seasons of fly fishing stillwaters in Alberta and British Columbia, I realized that you cannot carry every pattern required to imitate the prolific chironomid (buzzer/midge) hatches that you will encounter. So I have chosen to limit my patterns according to how they are fished and covering the major color and size combinations to get close enough. Catch a fish, then based on the throat samples, a more representative pattern can tied up at the portable fly tying bench.” (source: Website / Link)
Freestyle & Classic Salmon Flies tied by Davie McPhail
Check out this impressive collection of flies. Most of them are just too good to be fished …
Impressive Videos of how to tie Atlantic Salmon Flies by
“Welcome to FeathersMc. It is my retirement hobby and a place dedicated to the materials for and tying Atlantic Salmon flies.” (source: Website / Link)
Atlantic Salmon Flies – The WORLD BEST
“Davie hails from Ayr, Southwest Scotland and is undoubtedly one of the worlds greatest fly-tyers, very well known indeed as a true master craftsman of the art.  He is often described as an internet or you tube “giant” where he has posted hundreds of instructional fly-tying videos in recent years. He is an extremely versatile fly-tyer and fly designer, supremely competent from the tiniest of trout flies to the most complex classic salmon patterns.” (source:
Catch Magazine
Todd Moen and Brian O’Keefe have created an online fly fishing magazine … Fishing Movies & Fly Fishing Videos, Photography – Film – Video. Check out this impessive selection of UTube Videos. It’s worth it …..
Environmental and Species related topics
Salmon Enhancement and Advisory Board
British Columbians are rightly concerned about the future of our wild salmon resource.SEHAB provides a forum for volunteers to provide advice to the Federal and Provincial government focusing on …
Flyfishing Canada
Fly Fishing Canada is a not-for-profit organization aimed at promoting fly fishing and, in particular, using national and international fly fishing championships to promote issues concerning fly fishing and conservation. Read more …..
Fly Tying Material and Rod Building
Canadian Tube Fly Company



Fly Rod Building / Fly Rod Building Supply
As a rod builder, I am always looking for quality products, which are specifically adaptable for our craft and locale. I firmly believe the products you will see on the following pages are meeting this goal.
(source: website)


 Trip Planing and Accommodation and Forum
Sharp Hooks is an interesting web based Trip Planer and Fishing Report, Fishing Report, Hotels, Tips resource. Check it out!
 … is published collaboratively by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and stewardship, enhancement, education and stream keeper groups in B.C. and the Yukon that care for salmon and their habitat.
Link for PDF download: Streamtalk_March_2014
Further links of interest to Fly Fishers
A windsurfing website.
But has very good weather info about southern Vancouver Island. Webcams. Tide and current charts. Very good. 
Free, comprehensive marine charts.
Cost hundreds of dollars until recently. Downloadable to phone, laptop etc.
 Step by step fly knots
Local lake info 
Fishing videos
Based in Washington but full of good info. Has a weight calculator. (length x girth)
A flyfishing for steelhead  expert. Don’t let her looks fool you. She knows her stuff.
Hundreds of very useful tying tips
Tying materials