Constitution and Bylaws


Registration number S-44607







The purposes of the society are:

  1. To promote fly fishing and the use of artificial flies on all waters,
  2. To support, encourage and teach those people of all ages, who wish to learn more about Fly Fishing,
  3. To support and encourage fish stocks by the preservation, rehabilitation and development of lakes, rivers, streams, tidal waters and wetlands as fish habitat,
  4. To submit views and recommendations to any governmental body or private agencies as the Association deems necessary to safeguard or enhance the interests of fish, parks and or outdoor recreational resource values, and
  5. To support governmental bodies wherever possible in projects that are intended to preserve or enhance sport-fishing opportunities in general.





1. Nothing in these By-Laws shall be interpreted so as to be in conflict with the Society Act, Province of British Columbia.

a. In these By-Laws, unless the context otherwise requires;

(i.) “Executive” means the executive of the Association,

(ii.) “Member” means a person who is admitted as a member in good standing and remains so in accordance with these By-Laws, and

(iii.) “Registered Addressof members means the address recorded in the membership registry.


1. Upon application a person may become a member, an associate member or a junior member.

2. A member is considered in good standing having paid their current annual dues. Only members in good standing may vote.

3. Members who remain in arrears for two (2) months after the due date are subject to being struck from the active membership list and the mailing list.

4. Membership dues are due on January 31 of the fiscal year and the final payment date will be March 31.  The fee for annual membership will be set by the membership upon recommendation of the Executive at a regular General Meeting. Persons may apply to become associate members if they intend to support the association from a distance without participating regularly in society activities.  Members under 16 years of age are considered junior members.  Associate members and junior members can not vote or hold office.

5. Any infraction or violation of these By-Laws, or Rules and Regulations established pursuant to them, by a member may be corrected, remedied or resolved by the Association.

6. Where it is alleged that a member or members have violated these By-Laws other than inadvertently, the Association shall investigate, may take evidence under oath, and otherwise determine the facts to confirm or reject the allegation. From this determination, the Association will decide whether it is likely to be required to take corrective action.

7. Based upon recommendations of the Executive Officers, a member may be expelled by a resolution passed by the membership at an Association Meeting, provided the notice of the meeting specifies that such a matter is to be placed before the Association membership.



1. All members shall;

a. Become familiar with and follow the Constitution and By-Laws and such procedures of the Association as may be adopted from time to time,

b. Conduct themselves while engaged in fishing or conservation activities, in an ethical manner which will not bring themselves or the Association into disrepute, and

c. Make every effort to support conservation efforts supported by the Association.




1. The Executive shall;

a. Control, manage and conduct all business matters and maintain all assets of the Association for the benefit of all members,

b. Ensure all reports and returns required by the Societies Act are completed and forwarded in a timely manner, and

c. Take appropriate action to correct any violation of these By-Laws.



1. The following positions are to be elected by the membership at the AGM of each year;

a. The President shall;

(i.) Preside at all meetings of the Association and have all the powers and duties generally pertaining to the office and shall not vote unless in the event of a tie, this being the only vote, and

(ii.) Be a signing authority for expenditures.

b. The Secretary, shall;

(i.) Conduct the correspondence and records of the Association and be custodian of all records and documents,

(ii.) Be an alternate signing authority for expenditures, and

(iii.) The Secretary may also hold the position of Treasurer.

c. The Treasurer shall;

(i) Maintain all financial records of the Association and be custodian of all financial books and records, and

(ii) Be a signing authority for expenditures.

d. The 8 Members-At-Large may.

(i) Be the Past President or elected members.

(ii) A designated member or Member at Large will act in the absence of the President to conduct the meetings and business of the Association when called upon.

2. An Executive Member who fails to perform his duties in a manner acceptable to the Association will be advised of his performance and asked to vacate his position in the Executive through resolution passed at an Association meeting.

3. No member of the Association shall accept remuneration for services rendered to the

Association, nor shall he have any financial interest in any purchase order or contracts entered into on behalf of the Association unless he has declared the possible conflict of interest prior to a decision being taken by the Association and he shall refrain from voting by leaving the room prior to the vote being called. This clause does not preclude reimbursement for all necessary and reasonable expenses reasonably incurred through Association business.




1.. The President will call for the following to be presented at the Annual General Meeting each year;

A    A statement of income and expenditures, drawn up fairly, showing all financial transactions as a result of the operations of the association during the previous year.

B    A balance sheet, to present fairly the financial position of the Association as of December 31st of the previous year.

2. The Association shall maintain at least one bank account with a chartered bank, trust company or credit union for the safe deposit of funds.

3. All cash and negotiated forms shall be deposited directly to the Association bank account.

4. All payments shall be made by cheque, except for minor petty cash transactions, up to a maximum of $50.

5. Financial transactions over $125 must be approved by the general membership at a regular scheduled meeting.

6. All cheques received by the Association shall be stamped “for deposit only”.

7. The Executive may not exercise any powers in respect to borrowing funds without the expressed authority of a Special Resolution passed by 75% majority of the members  present in person.


1. The Association may appoint an auditor from the membership independent of the Officers.

2. The auditor shall;

a. Conduct at least one spot audit in each financial year and make a report to the membership on the financial position of the club, as to whether, in his / her opinion, the financial records present fairly the financial activities of the Association.




1. General meetings will be held on a designated day of each month as decided by the membership at a general meeting upon recommendation of the executive.

2. The Annual General Meeting will be held on the first day scheduled for a General Meeting in January of each year.

3. The Quorum for voting at Executive Meetings shall three executives.  The quorum for voting at a duly announced General Meeting and the Annual General Meeting will consist of a minimum of five members.


a. For a motion to carry there must be 50% + 1 of attending members in favour.

b. Proxy votes will NOT be accepted.


4. In absence of both President and Secretary, a Member-at-Large will conduct and chair the meeting. The Member-at-Large shall have all the duties and powers of the position while so acting.

5. Rules of Order and Procedures.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the basis for making rules to conduct meetings and no rule shall contravene the Society Act.

6. The General meetings shall be conducted in accordance with a schedule directed by the executive and approved by the members.

7. Members in good standing are entitled to one vote on Association matters and may participate in Association functions. Membership includes;

a. One copy of the Constitution and By-Laws, and Membership Card.




1. The Executive may, at the discretion of the membership, accept or create awards suitable for presentation as the occasion arises.


2. Lifetime Membership awards are designed to recognize a member for their contributions over a great number of years or based upon significant incident, outstanding service and/or making a significant contribution to Association activities, and may be awarded upon recommendation of the executive and a vote by the membership.