Welcome to our Club


Welcome Welcome to our Club


The Westcoast Flyfishers Association is a non- profit organization founded in 2002, dedicated to the camaraderie and the pursuit of happiness through the art of fly fishing.  In this pursuit, we endeavor to cultivate and advance the art, science and sport of fly fishing with dry flies, wet flies, nymphs and streamers. We catch and release trout, salmon, bass, steelhead and other game fish in the fresh and salt waters of British Columbia.  We are aware that we have the privilege of enjoying an exceptional angling environment and that our continued ability to enjoy it depends on our sincerity in protecting and conserving it.  To this end, we work to promote the knowledge and skills of our members and anglers everywhere, and their adherence to ethical practices and courtesy with fellow fishers.  We put particular emphasis on introducing the young generation to our sport by conducting educational and recreational events in collaboration with schools, youth groups and at community events.  We invite you to join us with your family and friends at our monthly meetings where we can share our experience and continue learning about all aspects of fly fishing.