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Dry Fly Fishing at Diversion Reservoir 
The Sooke Hills harbor several reservoirs, full of lively trout.  Some of us take particular delight in fishing with dry flies there, in the mouths of creeks tumbling down from the slopes.  The fish are small – rarely more than 14″ – but they are lively and it is exciting to see them take a floating fly as soon as it settles on the water.  
Chasing Cutties in Sooke Harbor
The Sea-run Cutthroat trout are one of our favorite game fish and the mascot of our club in the beautiful and sensitive rendition by local artist Charlene George.  We pursue them year round, but enjoy the spring season particularly, when we pursue them with imitations of the chum fry which migrate to the ocean by the millions.  The delight includes locating the elusive schools of trout in the large harbor, casting to them and releasing the beautiful fish, which can be quite large.  
20012 Westcoast Flyfishers Association Year in Review
2012 was a great year.  Not only did it include our Tenth Anniversary but also a number of exciting and very successful fishing events – not to mention our spectacular Sooke River Washout, youth events and community events.  To see what we really are about take a look here!  
2012 Sooke River Washout
The Sooke River Fishout has become an annual event to which we invite our fellow fishers from the Haig Brown Fly Fishing Association in Victoria.  Over the past five years, this event has become very popular due to the abundance of lively Chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) in the Sooke River.  Even a solid downpour like the one which turned the Fishout into a Washout in 2012, does not dampen the spirits of the participants.  
Summer Fly Fishing on Cow River
An excursion to the Cowichan River in July.  “Nay big fish caught – but the casting was WONDERFUL!”
Chumming on the Sooke: 
Part 1: Initiation and Anticipation
The run of Chum salmon, which arrive by the thousand in the Sooke River in the fall is one of the regional highlights of the year.  But success is far from assured – expecially for a beginner from far away, who has only a few days at his disposal.
Chumming on the Sooke: 
Part 2: Preparation and Success
The challenges of Chum fishing include finding the right location, the right phase of the tides, using the right fly, being able to present it to the fish appropriately, and then bringing the strong fighting fish with their murderous teeth to hand – before releasing them – hopefully – unharmed.
Chumming on the Sooke: 
Part 3: Chumming with the Experts
The 2013 Sooke River Fishout with our friends from the Haig Brown Fly Fishing Association in Victoria brought out a host of anglers – many of them experienced and skilled anglers.  Take a look and see how to do it! 
Chumming on the Sooke: 
Part 4: Fishing Bonanza
Only a few days after the official fishout, rather late in October, the situation changed dramatically, as hundreds, if not thousands of fresh fish suddenly decided to move upriver.  The fishing was unprecedented.  
Chumming on the Sooke: 
Part 5: Farewell to arms
Yet two days later, we had the honor of hosting our Russin friends, Elena, Anna and Gennady Zharkov – the latter President of the Russian Salmon Association and Deputy Editor of the Russian Fly Fishing Magazine – on the river.  But as the author of these lines had enjoyed a rich and rewarding Chum salmon season, he decided to leave the fish henceforth to the important business of the year – that of procreation.