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Iris’ Flies

Iris Spingat joined us as a novice angler in the fall of 2012, but quickly developed not only her fishing and casting skills, but has become an expert tier of classic pacific salmon flies.  Here some samples of her work.

Our Quarry

Our local game fish include five species of Pacific salmon, three of trout, and occasionally some char, bass, and others.  While not all fish that take our flies are huge, they all are taken with gratitude, respect and many are released with as little harm as possible.

Fly Tying

Particularly during the part of the season, when fishing is not that great, we pursue our dreams and reminiscences of lively fishing when we tie our flies.  The club is blessed with many experienced fly tiers, often augmented by external experts.


Regularly, once a month, we try to organize a fishout.  These regular events are complemented by fishing excursions as opportunities arise.  And many of us take off in between – yes, to go FISHING.

Fishing Sites

We are blessed with a great variety of locations where to fish: beautiful, quiet lakes, rushing rivers, mysterious estuaries, which all add to the great variety of beauty, challenge and ambiance that we enjoy when fishing.

Fishing Sights

The variety of fishing that we are spoiled with on Southern Vancouver Island is more than matched by the variety of feathered and furred fishers that we share our waters with in our pursuit,  not to mention the beautiful creatures and mysterious scenery  that we enjoy while fishing.

Community Involvement

Community events like the Sooke Canada Day, Metchosin Day, or the bi-annual Pink Salmon Festival are occasions to connect with the community and popularize our sport.

Fly Casting Practice

We are glad to help beginners getting started with the enjoyment of fly casting.  Occasionally, we organize “casting clinics” with professional instructors.